How To Get The Most Out Of Slimming Tea

It is pointless to get the full effect of slimming tea unless you are willing to follow the instructions step by step that is set out for you.

Including having the tea twice a day as recommended and also doing the added exercises and following a low carbohydrate diet.

Even though slimming tea works, it would be crazy to have an ice cream and then have yoru last meal before bed and not exercise that day and expect to have lost weight.

It is common sense that when using the slimming tea you follow a strategic diet plan recommended by either your personal trainer or health consultant to get the best benefit.

If you do not have one then I recommend you follow a simple diet plan which includes 5 meals per day in very small portions.

The first meal of the day is generally one piece of bread with 2 eggs preferably boiled and a cup of OZ Slimming Tea.

The second meal for the day should be a can of tuna with a piece of fruit.

The third meal of the day should be 150 grams of chicken with salad.

The fourth meal of the day can be can of tuna and a piece of fruit.

The fifth meal of the day can be 150 grams of fish with brocolli and your glass of OZ Slimming Tea before bed.

If you stick to this low carbohydrate diet along with your 40 mins cardio every day will lose weight guaranteed.


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