Benefits of Loose Leaf Tea vs. Bagged Tea

When you want to prepare a nice cup of hot or iced tea, are you more likely to reach for a bag of loose leaf tea or a box of tea bags? Many people purchase tea bags over loose leaf tea, but are they missing out on numerous benefits of loose tea vs. bagged tea? Let’s compare the pros and cons of the benefits of loose leaf tea vs. bagged tea to find out.leaf-teabags

Loose Leaf Tea is Less Expensive

The convenience of bagged tea definitely adds to its final, higher price. Loose leaf tea, on the other hand, is less convenient—but also less expensive. Depending on the brand, loose leaf tea can be anywhere from 1/3 of the price of bagged tea to ½ the price or even lower. This is because loose leaf tea is not individually packaged and must be scooped into a tea pot or other tea maker before it can be used.

Loose Leaf Tea is More Customizable

With bagged tea, what you see is what you taste—while you can steep bagged tea for shorter or longer periods to change the taste, you can’t actually add more of the tea (nor can you take it away) or other ingredients to create truly personalized, customizable cup or pot of tea. With loose leaf tea, on the other hand, you can add as much or as little tea as you want. You can even blend different types of teas together!

Loose Leaf Tea Tastes Better

Bagged tea is usually more processed than loose leaf tea, and is sometimes made with artificial ingredients in order to make it last longer. Loose leaf tea is not usually made with these artificial ingredients and, subsequently, tastes better and more natural than bagged tea. If you are looking for a real “tea experience,” loose leaf tea is the way to go.